v0.3.4.6 Update

I've just uploaded a new version of PolyOne. This is a small update as most of my time recently has been spent focusing on the development for the Pro version of PolyOne. Most of the changes are meta changes, such as renaming the software to PolyOne3 (which may or may not be for legal reasons).

However, I have been able to work out how to get texture filtering working, so there's now a button on the texture toolbar to toggle it. This doesn't affect what is saved in your files, only how the layers look. The visual benefits are most clear when zoomed in or looking at rotated or scaled textures. I ought to mention that this is a built-in feature of ENIGMA and the results may not be exactly representative of what you'd see in your own games with bilinear filtering!

Texture Filtering
The impact is most noticeable on the wall and the marble surface. Results may vary in your own projects!


PolyOne3 Lite - Latest Version 1 MB
Oct 29, 2020

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